Country Music hairstyles: more on Julianne Hough

The difference is like night and day!
Early in 2010 Julianne Hough flaunted a waist-length mane that could be styled lots of ways. At the ACM awards, she turned heads by wearing her baby blond hair half up: smooth on top, slightly scrunched below. The high crown requires extra attention such as blowdrying and rolling hair off the face with a large round brush. A quick set on jumbo hot rollers may be needed to pump up the volume. Backcombing and a strong spray come in handy before and after sweeping hair back. Late in 2010, Julianne did an about-face for the CMA Awards. Her hair was shorter but still long enough to create a free-form updo. The bigger change is the color–this season’s popular red with blond highlights. Loose waves all over blend together perfectly and are swept to the side–another trend of the moment. What’s next for Ms. Makeover? Your guess is as good as ours!

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