Fall for Emma Stone’s haircolor

Emma Stone has one of the hottest haircolors for Fall/Winter 2010. It’s a warm, subtle red called ginger and works on brown to black hair. If you already have dark hair, this kind of color is more affordable and easier to maintain. While you can do it at home, the single process color you get from a salon will have different shadings that make hair shimmer. The shade works well with a haircut like Emma’s… mostly one-length and straight but full. To get a lot more shine, ask your colorist for fine highlights on top of the dark or lowlighted base. Emma’s monochromatic ginger works especially well for women who have fair skin with pinkish undertones, but there are rich shades that are flattering for other complexions. For those who want to stay light during the cold-weather months, consider this: Emma in Easy A. Highlights on layered curls are the perfect fit for her role as a teen wearing the “Scarlet Letter.”

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