Miss USA, Miss Universe aim to sleaze

Rima Fakih before Miss Universe contest

Rima before Miss USA

What is it with Miss USA & Miss Universe?
Do their organizers (i.e. Donald Trump) stir up controversy to boost ratings? The publicity photos for Miss Universe have taken the same slant as Miss USA: risqué clothing, body paint and topless. Both beauty contests have drawn outrage from fans who feel that the pageants are going too far with their PR. Before the first competition, the negative comments inspired headlines like this: “Miss USA–Is There Such a Thing as Too Sexy?” While viewers renounced the hot pix, the pageant people felt they were “tasteful and very sexy.” Now the Miss Universe Organization is getting slammed for racy photos that show too much skin for the general public.

Is it a coincidence that Miss USA 2010 used to study pole dancing?
All of this pales next to the real-life story of Miss USA. As far as publicity goes, it was too good to be true that the beauty queen of the United States had a little secret in her closet. In less than 24 hours after Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA, the stories broke about her being a pole dancer in a previous life. It didn’t matter that she had only taken a pole dancing class (like women do these days). The gossip mongers made her out to be an employee in a strip club.

And what about their hairstyles?
Almost as funny as the hype is the fact that most of these naughty girls look alike. If you’re viewing their pix by country, it’s hard to find Miss USA. Long, dark locks seem to be the required uniform with only a few blondes breaking the code. No matter the haircolor or body type, the hairstyles are salon perfect, frozen in the come-hither look of full, flowing manes. We won’t even attempt to tell you how to copy their ‘dos. Suffice it to say that you either have to be a great stylist yourself or know one who will be close by at all times.


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