Update on Janet Jackson’s new hairstyle

As we predicted, Janet Jackson is yo-yoing between her buzzed haircut and slightly longer styles. JJ’s pixie cut with bangs works perfectly for her role as the new face for Blackgama’s fur coat campaign. The beauty of the crew cut was evident when Ms. Jackson was vacationing in Sardinia, Italy earlier this summer. Without doing a thing to her hair, the pop star was free to swim, sail or just sit on the beach with her new boyfriend Wissam Al Mana. When it’s time to be on stage, Janet simply polishes up the do with a shine enhancer (like she did on the American Idol finale). Some star watchers compared Janet today with Toni Braxton in the early ’90s. While Toni’s short cut was a tiny bit longer and tinted in brownish red, we have no idea how Janet will make her short cut different in the days to come! 


One response to “Update on Janet Jackson’s new hairstyle

  1. katherinehilden

    Thank you, Mary. Hair is fascinating. Very expressive and easier to change than one’s height or weight. I wish we had had more time to get acquainted on Sunday at the Mini Cooper celebration. I wrote about it, of course:

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