The James Bond Girls of Iron Man: Kate Mara, Helena Mattsson, Anya Monzikova, Renee Herlocker, Olivia Munn, Ayelet Ben-Shahar, Grace Stanley, Natalina Maggio…

Iron Man 2: ‘Double the Villians, 5x the Hotties’ 

These are the words of a writer (male naturally) talking about Iron Man 2 in comparison with other movie superheroes (think Batman, Spiderman, Transformers and even the first Iron Man). Another guy raved there’s “so many iron cuties.” We’ll admit the supporting (really cameo) actresses are super hot, but we have more fun comparing them to women from James Bond movie i.e. model-like bimbos or superficially smart spies. It’s not hard to picture James waking up next to Helena Mattson or Kate Mara. Red-hot Kate (above right) looks more realistic in her “morning after” mane–straight, tousled and with ends that are losing their curls after a night’s sleep-over (or a few hours in a beach cabana). Meanwhile Helena (above left) appears a little too fresh and made-up to be a one-night stand. She’s the type of girl who plays hard to get and holds out on 007 for a while. Unlike Kate’s, her hairstyle is polished with a blow-dry styling to smooth out the top and a large-diameter curling iron to make big ringlets below.

Grace Stanley and Natalina Maggio strike the pose of double agents (below): with out-of-the-ocean wet hair and a simple straight style that takes care of itself when the brunette has her back up against the wall. The sleek coif is as deceiving as the damp do is self-explanatory. Unless your hair is naturally board straight, it would have to be blown dry small sections at a time and probably finished with a flat iron.

You may have noticed that Anya Monzikova (left) stands out in the bevy of long-hairs. Her short bob is eye-catching because it’s slightly asymmetrical and cut shorter in back for forward movement. A good cut like Anya’s takes little time to do–just comb and go or blow-dry with a large round brush. The hardest part would be getting and keeping the color. You have to be bold enough to do it and committed to coloring every two weeks (more or less)! 

Two Iron Man cuties take a new twist on long locks (right). They wear hair to one side like stars and women everywhere are “doing” these days. Ayelet Ben-Sharah plays it straighter than Olivia Munn, who opts for relaxed waves-n-curls. Ayelet’s style would take less effort, but Olivia’s is more intriguing with hair falling over one eye (traditionally popular with movie mystery women of all eras).

This posting wouldn’t be complete without the Ironette dancers to stroke Iron Man’s ego. Cheerleader-turned-actress-dancer Renee Herlocker picks the natural coif for a woman of action. Her full straight hair with strong-hold spray keeps its shape while dancing (around a pole) or jumping in the air!

We’ve come to the end of our story and all that’s left to say is instead of hating them because they’re beautiful, just look to the Iron Women for great hairstyle ideas!


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