Star hairstyles take a new twist: Leona Lewis, Jennifer Aniston, Evangeline Lilly

The fishtail braid, knotted pony or side twist… one of the hottest looks today.  What’s the appeal? It’s fun, easy and oh-so-pretty! For a glam night out, Leona Lewis takes a stylized approach. Her hair designer Ben Cooke says the “fishtail braid” stands out from all the other sidesweeps that are so popular now. The easiest way to do them: take hair to one side, keeping hair loose on top, and then twist the tail. If you want to get fancy, brush hair to one side and divide it into three uneven sections (small, medium, large). Make a loose braid, secure it and gently finger to mess it up a little (if you want). Jennifer Aniston wears a casual fishtail for a scene in Just Go With It being shot in Hawaii. When Evangeline Lilly’s Kate went back to the Island on Lost, she chose a casual dress version. The crown of hair is smoothed back instead of loose and the length is twisted tighter than the others. Wear a twisted side pony now to be trendy or save it for another season (or for when your hair’s longer!). Speaking of length, shorter layers can be secured with small bobby pins tucked underneath. Actually bobby pins stuck straight into the twist add security to any twist. If your hair is simply too short to wear this way, fake it with a hairpiece. The style takes little time and effort, so you have nothing to lose and lots to gain by trying it! Photos from, PictureGroup and ABC-TV.

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