Miss USA update: Rima Fikah’s hairstyles

We’re happy to see that the furor about Miss USA 2010 has died down, and Rima Fakih is keeping her crown. The public seems be saying her pole dancing classes (in 2007) aren’t a big thing. Popular opinion may have something to do with the change of mind: millions of women, from all walks of life, are pole dancing for many reasons–ranging from exercise to empowerment. All the hype has overshadowed the fact that Rima Fikah is the first Arab-American Muslim to be Miss USA. And this beauty queen has brains as well as good looks. She can think on her feet and give coherent answers to hot-button issues like birth control (and her past). 

The frenzy also distracted from the beauty part of the competition. On first glance you wouldn’t think that Miss USA’s hairstyles would work outside of the pageant arena. We beg to differ! It’s simply a matter of dressing down or simplifying the looks that would work for you. If you have wavy hair, Rima’s LBD look wouldn’t be that difficult. Simply apply a texturizer, brush out the crown and scrunch curls while blow-drying with a diffuser. If you want an exact copy of Rima’s waves, follow with a large-diameter curling iron or a waving iron. The top coif can be done quickly if you have thick locks. You could leave the back as is or do a quick roller set. Backbrush the top of hair and use a hair lift like Bumpits® if you want.

The curly locks (with tiara) are the most complex and time-consuming of these dos. Both would need to be smoothed out on top. The fluffy curls would require big rollers or a jumbo-sized curling iron. The lush ringlets work best if you already have curls. If not, they would require a small-diameter curling iron used vertically on small sections of hair at a time. It’s possible to copy the straighter hairstyles with good blow-dry styling and a big brush. Our last look could go as is… if you have straight hair. A few minutes with a blow-dryer would add pizzazz.

We’ve come to the end of our show and hope you are inspired to “play” with your hair!


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