Miss USA/pole dance student: Rima Fakih’s hairstyles






Miss USA caught with her pants down or in very very short shorts.

Bad girl, good hairstyles!

Unless you only watch “real news,” you already know that Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih has been labeled a former pole dancer. Actually she was only a student in a pole dancing class, Stripper 101. The 2007 “course” was sponsored by Detroit’s Mojo in the Morning radio show, the “final” was a dance competition, and Rima won. The “pole dancer” news broke less than 24 hours after the Miss USA coronation when the Mojo show re-posted videos from 2007 on its web site. On Larry King Live, Mojo said they didn’t mean to start a big deal…they were only celebrating Miss Michigan’s win!

But since this is a hairstyle blog, we are going to talk about Rima Fakih’s hairstyles that helped her win Miss USA. Honestly her coifs weren’t much different from the other beauty pageant hairstyles—big, sexy and different for every competition. The amazing thing is that the contestants change their ‘do in a few minutes backstage. In real life the looks would require twice or 10 times more to do the do at home or in a salon. The most impractical coif for the work week is sculpted waves. The sexy messy hairstyle expected with the swimsuit (bikini) competition…IF you already have curly locks. when Rima was crowned, she wore the most normal everyday hairstyle… straight and full. Most hair types can be blown dry into the classic hot look. We will provide more detailed hair how-tos later but now back to the juicy stuff:   

  • The media and lots of people are asking: What’s the diff between this scandal and others in the past?  Considering Miss USA’s history, it’s not surprising to find out dirty secrets from Miss Fakih’s past life…AFTER the votes have been counted. (Don’t the contest organizers do background checks on the winner wanna-bes? Oh yeah, that’s politics!) We’re guessing Donald Trump et al will be more thorough in the future.
  • Stripper 101 is a “class” taught by professional dancers. Mojo says students are normal people you see on the street…lawyers, doctors, real teachers, etc., etc. They started the class to help women spice up their love life with significant others.
  • Miss USA released photos not too long ago that many will find racier than the pole dancin pix where Rami’s just wearing barely-there shorts. The pageant had already started a controversy coined Miss USA – Is there such a thing as too sexy?
  • Will the Donald say “You’re fired” to Rima?
  • Who cares about Miss USA if there isn’t a scandal? (It’s one of the most boring shows in the world!)
  • Is the Miss USA swimsuit competition less demeaning than pole dancing? While struttin their stuff down the runway, the twiggy Barbies flaunted big, balloon like booms that jumped up or down with every step! 
    (to be continued) 


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