Can Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett improve on Robin Hood?


Does the world really need another Robin Hood movie? The question’s moot because Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett have made another one. What were they thinking? All right, we know there are always beautiful people to play Robin and Marian (and the costumes and hairstyles are fun to look at). But there are at least 10 movies about the legendary hero, and the originality has generally gone down with newer versions. All of this doesn’t matter to big Hollywood egos who think they can do it better this time around! Maybe they’ll succeed since this one’s a prequel to the standard legend!

Check out the rankings of the other Robin Hoods at Listmania. Or maybe you don’t care! Whatever… here’s the best to worst, according to writeractorboy:

  1. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) with Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland. “The greatest swashbuckler in film history.”
  2. The Story of Robin Hood (1952). “Perhaps the closest to the original stories.”
  3. Robin Hood (1997) from the Disney Gold Classic Collection. Can you believe a cartoon rates third?
  4. Robin Hood (1922). A silent movie starring Douglas Fairbanks, a “very athletic Robin Hood.”
  5. Robin and Marian (1976). Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. Note Audrey’s do. Would the first Marian wear a ’70s hairstyle?
  6. Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves (1991). Who can forget Kevin Costner’s horrible accent? Yet… writeractorboy says it’s “undeniably entertaining.”
  7. Dark Robin Hood (1991). Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. “Dark interpretation. Quite good but overshadowed by Kevin’s re-make.”
  8. Robin of Sherwood (1983). A “brilliant” TV series but there’s only one episode available: Robin Hood the Legend – Robin Hood and the Sorcerer.  
  9. Robin Hood – Men in Tights (1993). One of Mel Brooks’ dumber movies…. Redeeming quality: the gorgeous Cary Elwes (who stopped our hearts in Princess Bride).
  10. Challenge for Robin Hood (1968). A so-so low budget film.

In the end, none of this matters… It HAS gotten good reviews AND it gives us a good reason to escape for a couple of hours!


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