Jessica Alba’s hairstyle: the long & short of it!


These pix of Jessica Alba were snapped at the Awards Night Show & Party of the Tribeca Film Festival. At first we were really excited  to see them –we thought the Dark Angel had cut her hair! Our excitement was short-lived… the next day Jess let down her hair and it was long again. We know most fans prefer her hair below the shoulders, but if you’re really honest about it, the “short” look is way better. While the lengthy locks are pretty, the overall image is plain, especially with a gown that seems to be made from a tablecloth, curtain or hankie.

The final answer? There’s no comparison. It just goes to show how a shortcut can be the best option. The mane  thing: long hair can seem short and give you an idea how a cropped cut would look on you. As always we prefer short…  it’s easier, edgier and usually more interesting. To copy, show these pix to your stylist or ask for long side bangs blended into graduated layers. Go straight or curly… depending on your mood or hair type. Another option: pin everything back except for the bangs. Voilà… your short hair looks long. In the end: when it comes to hair, the options are endless!

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