Tonight’s the night for FB fans: Betty White on SNL

In one of the promos for Saturday Night Live, Betty White said she was 63 years old when SNL first aired. Back then she never would have thought she would be the host tonight. But she will tonight, thanks in big part to her half million fans of Facebook page: Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! Today the FB comments were coming fast and furious… every few minutes someone made a new comment, and we’re betting the time will get down to seconds before the final countdown. The remarks went like this: “OMG we did it!!!! So cool it’s finally happening! The Internet is a very powerful tool!!! I can’t wait for SNL tonight. I haven’t said that since the Farley years. The night is finally here – yay! Thanks to the originator of this FB page.”

The Facebook campaign started at about the same  time as her hilarious Snickers ad that ran during the Super Bowl. Even if you’re not up on entertainment news, you couldn’t help but notice the TV spots leading up to tonight. The buildup has gone sky high this week with publicity like her visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon supposedly to play rematch of Beer Pong with Jimmy. Dozens of funny promos have aired recently, and all were packed with humor. (Our favorite was a response about her being a Cougar.) One TV critic doubts the prediction that SNL will get the highest viewership tonight that it’s gotten all year or maybe in years. Meanwhile wagers are being placed on how high the numbers will go.

Whatever…in a few hours we’ll know and maybe that TV expert will have eat his words!

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