Hayden Panettierie: star style Hero

It was news heard all around the world (of planet Hollywood)–Hayden Panettierie chopped off her hair! 

Wearing a LBD, the young star revealed the mini haircut at an Earth Day gala Thursday. Most everyone was shocked, but didn’t pass judgement. But a few writers decided Ms. Panettierie had gone too far…as if it were their hair! “What in the Sam Hell did Hayden do to her hair?!” one source asked, while another blogger ruled that Hayden is sabotaging her hair…. Those are strong words for a young actress who’s simply following her heart…regardless of popular opinion. That individuality is what makes Hayden our style Hero.

We HAVE to ask, “What’s not to love about the new look? It’s as easy as stepping in the shower AND she’s still gorgeous!” While critics badmouth her, the star is enjoying the sophistication she wanted…to get away from the “cute”  label she’s had since 2006 (when she literally fell into fame as cheerleader Claire on Heroes). Actually this has been coming for a while. Her star hairstyle has changed countless times from then to now, getting more and more attention each time.

One celeb stylist claimed, “Most women can wear this look.” We beg to differ!

So little hair puts your face on display, magnifying every little detail. If you think your face is too wide, too wrinkled, too whatever, it’s’ not for you. Without makeup or styling, the star style might be too boyish for you! The same hairdresser insists that short hair is sexy, and we agree. Nothing beats the flirty confidence of short shorts.

Final thoughts: “You go, girl. Keep standing up for yourself on the slippery slopes of Hollywood.”

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