What will we do without ‘Lost’ & ’24’?

Actually the question is “What will I do?”

This network TV season (with finales of Lost and 24) is the saddest one for me recently (in the past there were Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, MASH)…as opposed to cable series which seem to have sad endings every two years… Deadwood, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Extras, The Sopranos, etc. To be honest I have mixed feelings about the Lost years and the 192 hours of 24.  As friends will attest, I have very mixed feelings about the first, and slightly opposing views of the second. Whatever… the fact remains, I will be temporarily Lost on network TV without the two (too bad I don’t like reality TV except for a few times in the closet. I guess I can check out some stuff that’s supposed to be good).

I have never written off the Bermuda triangle / parallel universes / paradise Lost… BUT I’ve been so confused at times (like during the Richard episode) that I wondered what the point was? Lost is a natural for me because I don’t think in a straight line. I love the concept of time travel (and wish it were real). To anyone who knows me, 24 is more of a mystery. When I recap the previous week’s storyline (usually with other fans), eavesdroppers butt in and ask, “Why does a quiet girl like you watch that violent show?” I say “I don’t know why,” but I’m thinking “There’s more to it than that. You don’t know what you’re dissing!” Probably the soapy feel and the realistic styles have a lot to do with my opinions.

So that’s it for now. Later you will hear a few more regrets mixed in with a lot of critiques of the real and not-so-real hairstyles of my imaginary BFFs!

Coming soon: Hairstyle recaps of Lost and 24

–Mary James


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