Kate Gosselin: will the real hairstyle please stand up?


Why is Kate Gosselin still on Dancing With the Stars?Are the votes for Kate rigged to boost ratings? What is her real hairstyle?*

In January, Kate had $7,000- worth of very long extensions put in by celeb stylist Ted Gibson. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star allegedly loved the length while on magazine covers and talk shows, until she didn’t like it. Gibson confirms that he took out the pieces for her premiere of DWTS. So for one day she wore a sleek, short bob (her real hair?). The next day the hair pieces went back in and now they were at a much shorter, shoulder length. The facts are sketchy, but you get the idea.

Polls show most people don’t care about the Kate style saga so put aside your personal feelings for a moment. Fake or not, her styles are pretty and can be practical, based on your natural hair. The bob has to be precisely cut for hair to roll under or go straight without the ends flipping up. Ask your stylist how to blow dry the style or wash and wear it. The waves also need the right cut (usually layers) and hair should have natural or permed movement. These, too, can be worn naturally (and scrunched) or polished up with blow-dry styling. In the end, it would help to have miracle products and styling tools. As you can guess, the longest look is the hardest to get and keep. If it’s your choice, proceed with caution. (We’ll provide tips for copying the extended style at a later date!)

*This is a followup to yesterday’s posting and the start of a random series about celebrities who might be faking their hairstyles.


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