Anna Paquin: more than bi-stylish

When Anna Paquin announced she’s bisexual, we wondered what will happen when (if) she marries fiance/True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer. Will she become monogamous, take a mistress or have a boyfriend on the side? We don’t care as long as she stays multi-stylish. For those who don’t remember 1993 (or weren’t born yet), little Miss Paquin became the second youngest Oscar winner for her supporting role as Holly Hunter’s daughter in The Piano. Lots has happened in her career since then, but she’s best known now as True Blooded Sookie. She’s worn so many hair colors and dos we can’t show them all here! Her current long layered cut can go straight, curly, all back or half up. To get this much variety, it helps to have wavy or curly locks. Hair that has a little body can be blow dried straight or scrunched up while drying naturally or with a diffuser. No matter which way you go, follow your heart.

One response to “Anna Paquin: more than bi-stylish

  1. I’d share that

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