Dissenting view of Ginnifer Goodwin

When Ginnifer first took a short cut, another blogger called the ‘do a disaster and looked elfish (see last post).  She liked Ginnifer’s hair loads better in He’s Just Not That Into You (as shown here). The blogger in question is way younger (20 something) than us (30+) and obviously her opines are loads diff from ours. We’re sure lots of guys would agree, but that’s the gr8 thing about the U.S. of A. where everyone’s free to have free speech (the last time we checked, the 1st amendment still holds). Some fans beg Gin to grow her hair back ASAP. We acclaim, “You go, girl!” Fans of long hair diss the cropped coif. Practical women applaud the Big Lover for being cutting edge. Whatever… everyone has to agree it’s the easiest look around! we’d love to hear what you think. Is there a middle ground? We like to think so.

One response to “Dissenting view of Ginnifer Goodwin

  1. I Agree with the other blogger

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