Ginnifer Goodwin has a Big Love for new looks

As Bill Henrickson’s third wife on Big Love, Ginnifer Goodwin changes her ‘do so often you never know what she will look like from episode to episode. Ginnifer’s tendency to change her hair often works beautifully for her character Margene, the youngest and most daring woman of the house(s). When Bill introduced her into the family, Margene’s hair wasn’t much different from her sister wives–curly and on the long side. Since then Margie has gone from very long to short, curly to straight and lots of stuff in between. The spunky wife even dyed her hair blond when she was in a rebellious mood (the results were disastrous but Margie didn’t seem to mind). We love Ginnifer’s look of the moment–a tomboy/girlish short cut. If you have the nerve to copy the coif, be prepared to show off your face (no prob for Gin, potential prob for us).

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