When will Kate Gosselin be happy (with her hair)?

Kate Gosselin has changed hairstyles so many times in 2010 that no one can predit when another Kate will appear. First there were long extensions which cost $7,000 and 20 hours. She “loved” the look long enough to draw massive PR, magazine covers and TV appearances. After the headlines wore off, Kate said she didn’t like the long extensions got another makeover. This re-do took a mere 7 hours! As of today, Kate will allegedly go back to the extensions (but we think she’s never gotten out of them). Will changing her style over and over and over… ever satisfy her? Obviously she needed a change from the mullet bob (even though it became a trend with real women) from the days when she was just a reality star on Jon & Kate Plus 8. The long locks of 2010 are gorgeous but who has the budget for that? Her ‘do for Dancing With the Stars could be the easiest to copy but that’s not saying much: you still have to have the right cut, color and loosely waved curls.


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