Katherine Heigl makes dramatic change


Today few stars are willing to take risks with their hair, sticking with the white bread look of long locks. The specific style may change from loose curls to sleek straight to windblown layers a la Farah. So many famous manes are blond that it comes as a surprise when a celeb goes from light to dark. Katherine Heigl has been inspired to take the plunge by her role as plucky detective Stephanie Plum in the film adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money. She says the new hue is fun and teases that she still says stupid things that reflect her personality (not the untrue stereotype that light hair reflects dim brains).  If she really wants to go out on a limb, Katherine would go short or at least up to the shoulders. But for now it’s refreshing to see a TV/movie star actress who looks like a new woman. The safest way to get the color is at a salon. As is the case with bleached blond, a drastic color change can go terribly wrong when you take it in your own hands. The safe style is blown dry and then curled. Don’t let its simplicity fool you…this ‘do takes more time and effort than you’d think! If you have an opinion on Katherine’s mane change, let us know!  


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