Real hairstyle scoop on Sandra Bullock

Beautiful but not bold Sandra Bullock

Will she be bold dealing with hubby Jesse now?

As rumors of a marriage breakup build, we want to clear the air about Sandra’s (beautiful but not bold) hair at the Academy Awards 2010. Perhaps the actress was blindsided by the conservative Southern ‘do of her Oscar-winning character. Whatever…the brunette couldn’t have picked a duller ‘do. A long, straight mane curled on the ends is classic old school. While she stood out in a bevy of updos, we kept wishing she would mess up the one-sided look. Katee Sackoff “Dana” on 24 and countless others are wearing their long hair over one shoulder. If this is a trend, we hope it ends soon. BTW: if you want to wear the style, be prepared to blow dry hair section by section. After it’s thoroughly dry, use a straightening iron and  sweep ends forward to right or left. P.S. don’t forget that your mane must be trimmed and healthy to support the glossy finish.




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